Brick Pavers are made from natural compressed clay. The clay is shaped and then fired at high temperatures. Once the clay emerges from firing, it is strong and nearly impermeable. This hard-firing creates rich, natural colors that are impervious to ultraviolet radiation, which often causes artificially colored concrete pavers to fade. Additionally, the clay paver surface is stain-resistant and requires less maintenance and cleaning than concrete pavers.

Because bricks are made from natural clay, there is a huge variety of natural shades and colors to choose from. Each region that produces bricks will have its own color, depending on the clay and soil used. Some manufacturers offer brick like pavers made from concrete and dyed to look like natural brick. While perfectly suited for a project and attractive material, these are not true bricks and lack the color variation of natural brick pavers.

Brick pavers give a classic and natural look to new patios, driveways and garden paths. Once installed, the natural brick expands and contracts slightly as the temperature and moisture changes throughout the year. Bricks tend to break in response to stress and may chip or crack over time, but they last for generations.

True brick can stand the test of time and doesn’t need a lot of care, but to keep your patio looking new and beautiful, you some cleaning and maintenance will help. Bricks work best when they can naturally absorb and release moisture, depending on the season. You shouldn’t use sealants, paint or water repellent, which may prevent the bricks from performing their natural function. A simple scrub with a biodegradable soap removes most stains and any moss that starts growing on the brick pavers over time.

Pavers Plus StoneĀ offers several styles in brick pavers to create fabulous contemporary outdoor living spaces. Contact us and one of our specialists will visit you with more information and samples to help you decide for the brick paver to enhance your entrance, driveway, walkway, pool deck or patio.

Brick Clay Pavers