Concrete pavers are a popular outdoor flooring option. They are made from cement and aggregate that is poured into forms, compressed, and air cured. Concrete can be formed into all sorts of shapes and sizes and pigmented in a wide range of colors. Pavers are most commonly installed over a compacted base of soil and sand. No actual adhesive or retaining method is used other than the weight of the paver itself except edging. Pavers can be used to make roads, driveways, patios, walkways, fire pits, retaining walls and other outdoor platforms.

Because there isn’t any grout between the joints, concrete pavers offer a permeable surface that allows water to pass through. However, this also means that they may shift over time and that weeds could grow between the stones. Hiring a professional paver contractor like Pavers Plus Stone Inc. to install your pavers, rather than laying them yourself, is the best way to protect your patio, driveway or sidewalk from these concerns.

Pavers Plus Stone, Inc. offers you the largest combinations of colors, shapes, sizes and patters to help you obtain your dream patio, pool deck, driveway or outdoor kitchen space.

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